Artist Statement

I am an artist inspired by the beauty in nature from both aquatic environments as well as terrestrial influences.  I have always been intrigued by the nature of sculpting with clay.  Clay possesses a unique elasticity that can be beautifully transformed with the pressure of my hands and fingertips to an original work of art.

TAISHO SANKE. Clay Art Sculpture. 19″X21″X17″
Manatee Ceramic Art by Lorrie K. Goss at The 1895 Church of StuArt
Manatee, ceramic sculpture, available at The 1895 Church of StuArt

My subject for inspiration comes from my travels throughout the United States from coast to coast. As a scuba diver, I was amazed at the entire world of beauty within our coral reefs and create undersea sculptural environments.  Likewise, with my travels in our RV, I came to appreciate all the variety of plants, and animals that are abundant in our wilderness, and create many functional garden flora and fauna art pieces. Everything that I create is original as no two pieces will ever be the same.

TORTUGA VERDE Ceramic Sculpture 18″x21x12″, available at The 1895 Church of StuArt

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel, and experience. So, my ability to sculpt art from clay is a gift from God.  My purpose in life is to follow His guidance and trust, and I have been blessed to share my vision of the nature He created.

A slab roller table is a piece of my studio equipment that rolls out slabs of clay. I adjust the thickness of the slab roller, cover the clay with canvas to protect the clay while it is being rolled out. The pieces of canvas also prevent the clay from sticking to the table or getting marked by the surface or roller.
Ready for bisque firing, the very first firing of my clay pieces before they are glazed. Ceramics are fired in two stages: the first stage is known as the bisque firing and is extremely important, it hardens the clay into ceramic, as well as making it porous and suitable for glazing; the second stage is the glaze firing, and during this stage the clay matures and the glaze melts to the clay surface and forms a bond with the clay.